Feminist Strike Committee

Together against patriarchy & capitalism!

Since 2018 we have been fighting for gender justice in Augsburg, especially in the field of care work – not only on March 8, the feminist day of struggle, but throughout the whole year.

Who* is the feminist strike committee Aux?

We are a group of Augsburg FINTA*s brought together by our common interest in and actions on feminist, gender politics and gender justice issues. Our plenums are working spaces where mutual empowerment and shared commitment are lived. We therefore welcome all people who want to create constructively and sensitively with each other. We understand our plenums as safe spaces for FINTA* people, so we banish any form of disrespect, Mackertum and hate from these spaces.

FINTA* stands for women, inter-, non-binary, trans and agender persons as well as all nuances of gender identity – marked by the gender star.

Join & get in touch

We are always happy when FINTA* persons are interested in our work and want to become active themselves. Our plenaries take place regularly on Thursdays and Sundays in a ten-day rhythm. Feel free to write us a message and we will let you know where and when the next meeting is scheduled.