A place for care!

5M 2022

Feminist get-together on Saturday, March 5th 2022 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the City Hall Square

The Feminist Strike Committee wants to increase public visibility and awareness of care work: At City Hall Square on March 5th , 2022, from 11 a.m., there will be workshops, lectures and talks that revolve around the importance and recognition of paid and unpaid care work and around other feminist issues.

Together, we want to create a space for care and make care work, feminist struggles and FINTA*-people (female, intersex, non-binary, trans and asexual – people) visible.

That’s why we are claiming space on March 5th and getting really comfortable doing it. There will be a relaxed get-together with a feminist program and music all day long.

Self-care should not be neglected in the process. Bring everything you need to have a good time: hot drinks, warm clothes, blankets, hot-water bottles… but also books, instruments, games or whatever else you can think of.

Our program:
Morning: information stands
Afternoon: workshops
Throughout the whole day until evening: music from various DJ*anes
We developed a hygiene concept, so that everyone can feel safe.
The Soliküche Knoblauchfahne will provide lunch and dinner. There will also be childcare.
In particular, we invite FINTA* (female, intersexual, non-binary, trans and asexual people) to come to town hall square and get involved or just enjoy the program.

We will publish the detailed schedule soon on our website, Instagram & Facebook.

Website: frauenstreikaux.blackblogs.org
Facebook: facebook.com/fstreikaux
instagram: @feministischer.streik_aux
If you have any questions, you can contact us via f-streik-aux@rixeup.net

Feminist (labor) struggles unite – strike together against capitalism and patriarchy

Demonstration 8. March

The Augsburg Feminist Strike Committee is calling for a protest on March 8th, 2022

We are still in crisis – and the system continues to fail. Nurses, doctors, teachers and educators should be fobbed off with bonuses but structural changes are missing. More than ever, mothers, especially in systemically relevant professions, are confronted with multiple burdens. We need this to change! It is not just since the outbreak of the corona pandemic that women have been bearing the brunt of unpaid and low-paid care work. Nursing facilities use the argument of economic efficiency when it comes to the low payment of nursing staff. But the crisis shows that capitalist thinking does not get us anywhere, when solidarity is called for.

Higher salaries or bonus payments are useless when there is a shortage of care workers in the short and long term. The crisis exposes the patriarchal structures that pervade our society: if children have to be quarantined, who takes care of home schooling, childcare and meals? Women experience more family-related stress than men as a result of the corona crisis. Teachers are expected to single-handedly make up for missing state concepts. Caregivers cannot go on like this anymore and they do not want to either. Domestic violence is on the rise. The Patriarchy has a firm grip on us: the role model of the caring housewife and mother, long thought to be outdated, has intensified in the crisis. At the same time, care work is not seen and hardly rewarded.

An end to outdated norms and new performance pressures! No more taking it for granted and not being seen! We are on strike!

On March 8th, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.: Protest and rally, City Hall Square Augsburg, organized by the Augsburg Feminist Strike Committee

For decades, feminists have been discussing the C-question; today, too, we stand up for a gender-equal society. We dream of the feminist utopia and of a future, which we would like to turn into reality today. Feminist struggles connect us! Live feminist! Make care work visible and distribute it fairly! Yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Come by and bring your friends, torches, glow sticks or fairy lights! We symbolically switch on purple lights to finally throw a spotlight on invisible care work.

We developed a hygiene concept so that everyone can feel safe. Please wear masks. The Soliküche Knoblauchfahne provides lunch and dinner.
There will also be childcare.

Further information will be published soon on our website, on Facebook and on Instagram.

Website: frauenstreikaux.blackblogs.org
Facebook: facebook.com/fstreikaux
instagram: @feministischer.streik_aux
If you have any questions, you can contact us via f-streik-aux@rixeup.net.

(Online) reunion: Feminist strike 2021

Next reunion: 13th of December – 6 pm

We are already planning for March 8 2021! True to the motto “8th of March is every day” we are discussing and planning on the basis of concrete feminist utopias. We talk about the 8th of March and other topics and dates.

Maybe with you? The reunion is open for new people. If you want to come, write us a short message on Facebook/Instagram or via mail. Then we will send you the link to our meeting.

The meeting will take place via jitsi. On your PC you can join the meeting by simply clicking on the link in your browser; on your phone you need the jitsi app.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Feminist strike goes Mayday!

On 1st of May it’s the International (Care) Workers’ Day! Let’s go on strike together!

The Frauen*Streikkomitee Augsburg calls for strike on the 1st of May because the 8th of March is everyday! Women* and Queers go on strike in your households and families! We are all workers and even on a holiday we are working. That’s why we make the 1st of May to our day of strike.

We can’t demonstrate but we can protest: let’s make our strike visible. Let’s hang aprons and banners out of the windows, let’s make violet the sign of our struggle and solidarity – be creative!

You can send us pictures of your form of protest or post them yourself and tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@frauenstreik_aux). You can use the Hashtags #internationalertagdersorgearbeit and/or #frauenstreikaux.

Public virtual assembly

Political work doesn’t stop in times like these. That’s why we invite you to use your time to get to know us and to network: you can get the link to our video confernce at 4.30 p.m. if you send us an e-Mail or a message (frauenstreikaux[at]riseup.net).

International (Care)Workers’ Day

There’s a nice video from the international network for the 1st of May!

And here you get to the international Facebook event!

See you on 1st of May!



Demonstration route and what to bring


what to bring to the demonstration:

– purple clothes

– signs and banners

– pots, cooking spoons and so on to make noise


what to leave at home:

– sexist, racist and other discriminating shit

– advertisement for the election and symbols of political parties


Collective menstruation against capitalism – demo

It’s time!

For the first time, the traditional KMM is making its way through the city centre. Wombs have been menstruating for a long time. Capitalism has not yet raged for so long. At least not as long as wombs. Collectively we have been before, then again not so much, then again, then again not so much. And we certainly are now. In any case, it’s somehow time to finally bring it all together: In the spirit of “menstrual blood before capitalist shit” we put the market economy back in its place!

Bleeding wombs, no longer bleeding wombs, not yet bleeding wombs, never bleeding wombs and women* affected by it, who suffer under the discrimination – and all the rubbish that goes with it – of the patriarchy, yes, and people who don’t really have anything in their menstrual cup, but who want to run with it, UNITE!

With a bloody GIANT TAMPON we walk through the streets as a symbol and draw attention: We b-l-e-e-d. Collectively. Against the market economy.

Let’s share a curious experience, let’s all bleed our shame away, let’s be angry about the invisibility of VULVAS & bleeding and let’s celebrate the banality of all this with visible bleeding!

It is time to bleed out loud. Saturday, 7th of March, 2pm. at Königsplatz.

… oh crap… I’m bleeding… I’m really bleeding… ahhh shit, the index finger is bleeding… god damn-it… again I cut myself on the razor sharp words… fuck. I’ll get a plaster… see you saturday 😉